Sabang beach and Elnido beach

Sabang beach and Elnido beach.


Gangwon-do, Gangneung -si *gyeongpoho lake*

There is a place that I really wanted to go someday or sooner if possible, it is in korea at gangwon-do, gangneung-si. I read that it has a well-known lake called Gyeongpoho lake. I really wanted to go there someday, I would like to spend the night with the one I love in the lake enjoying the moon in the sky as well as the moon reflected onto the lake. It’s really romantic right? I’m dreaming again haha well, you can do everything in dream. 



I also wanted to go in Gyeongpo beach ( oh am I talking beach again? haha well it’s just because beach has a beautiful scenery that you would definitely love right? ).  Actually I’m not really sure if this the gyeongpo beach as I never been there. Does anyone knows if what beach is it? but I think it is. 🙂

Camera 360


Did you see the person standing there? that’s the person i will marry in the future ( the person I’m talking about is JR of nu’est if you guys know him.) Oh! my behalf is waiting for me. I’m coming soon, just wait for me a bit longer.  He’s the reason why I’m dying go to korea and pursuing myself to learn korean precisely, though it’s quite difficult to learn by yourself. Am I totally weird? haha ( bare with me guys, I’m just a bit naughty sorry about that ). Nothing is impossible right? He is just like magic to me, generously giving me strenght ad courage which is a good thing. 🙂


Actually there’s a lot of places that I really wanted to visit in korea. There’s a lot of beautiful places there  right?  I wanted To go in Haeundae beach in Busan too, I also love to try korean dishes like Patbingsu,  jjangjjang myeon, spicy rice cakes and also their street foods. I thinks it’s really delicious. Aahh can’t wait anymore.

well it seems I love to write, though I don’t like it before.. What about you I know you have a lot of places that you wanted to go too, right? 





jjangjjang myeon!

jjangjjang myeon!

Spicy rice cakes!

Spicy rice cakes!

Sabang beach and Elnido beach

I really missed both of this place , the last time i was there was in May of last year.. I missed the atmosphere… the refreshing ang cold air that makes me awake in the morning with a nice aura on my face….  the chirping of birds…..the charm of the mountains…. the white sand that makes me relax….the beautiful sunset….etc.. but of course the fresh and delicious foods in there and many more…. I terribly missing the beach in palawan…. You guys gotta visit here, I will assure you gonna love it and there is a lot of things you can do..

I terribly missing the beach!

I terribly missing the beach! Sabang beach

Sometimes people tend to forget, who they are and what they are. They tend to forget the values of life, travelling is a time when people relax, reflect and ponder. Most people, after a pleasant travel, return home with a fresh outlook, new zeal and better determination. There is no time to ponder and wonder, try to visit here.

The white sand!

The white sand! Sabang beach.

The beauty and cold of the beach… the charm of the mountains… the chirping of birds…. the pleasant and refreshing air..etc .. can heal many of our mental and physical problem.

This place is in Elnido Palawan.

This place is in Elnido Palawan.

So guys if you wanted to relax, unwind and free yourself from stressed try to visit the beaches in palawan… I will assure you that you will have a wonderful and awesome vacation here….

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