My inspiration -JR Nu’est-

Have you been falling in love to the person beyond your reach, to the point that you really wanted that person in your life? though it’s very impossible to happen, but you keep on pursuing yourself to see that person someday. How stupid right? but let’s get into it. Though it seems very impossible, you still keep on searching everything about him and hoping. Aah actually this is happening to me right now. I known him for a quiet months ago after they released their third album -Sleeping talking- it’s pretty awesome right? then I keep on watching their L.O.∧.E story and many more, and I keep on listening to their songs too. I’m very fan of nu’est those guys are so sweet, loving and kind-hearted I love them. I hope they can stay together forever. Let’s go back to my inspiration 🙂 To be honest, I can’t get over him and I didn’t expect that my feelings for him will grow, I dunno why this is the first time I felt this kind of weird feelings.Though before I have a crush but not too over and now I can’t get over with this person. I don’t liked him just because he is a celebrity but aahh to be honest I don’t really know why I liked him. All I can say is I like him and I love him. What I really like about him is that there are times that he acts like a baby that make him cuter, very naive, acts silly most of the time, loves playing around, annoys people and doing pranks all the time that makes him more handsome that makes me love him even more and the raspiness of his voice is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard that makes me fall in love with him all over again, but of course there are times when he can be very mature. That’s my JR ♥, your my inspiration and you’re just like magic to me, generously giving me strenght and courage. You will be a part of my life in the future forever♥ and whatever flaws that you have I definitely accept it, I really like you ♥, I really love your personality. I wanna hug you slowly ♥, I wanna kiss you slowly ♥, I wanna fall asleep in your arms. I want to meet you quickly and if that day comes I will never ever let you go, I wanna be with you forever ♥ until the end of the world. I want to take care of you forever ♥, I will do everything just to be with you and I will keep on trying until you’ll be mine ♥. I love you with all my heart we’ll see each other soon baby, Please don’t fall for someone else.♥ Let me share with you guys those videos of my JR.


Guys do you know what song is this? please comment, let me know thank you 🙂

Do you know the title of this song and the person who sing this? please comment, let me know thank you 🙂

I really liked this. Do you know what song is this? korean version. 🙂

My favorite song, Aahh I can’t believe they know this song. *blush* pretty awesome. 🙂

131018 NU’EST 뉴이스트 JR (종현) – 가로수길 커피츄 coffee chu~♡

130326 NU’EST 뉴이스트 JR (종현) – Seoul Fashion week 서울패션위크

I do not own anything 🙂


Please don’t let the man I love, love someone else.
My behalf >3

My behalf >3



How cute. :)

How cute. 🙂





My Jr is so sexy :)

My Jr is so sexy 🙂


My baby agumon, I wanna sleep with with you.

My baby agumon, I wanna sleep with with you.






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